How to Enquire/Complain

Note: to make a complaint by email, you will also need to fax or post the necessary supporting documents described below.

What to include with your complaint
When you lodge a complaint, you will need to provide the following information to 190 Complaints:

  • briefly describe the nature and details of your complaint;
  • send us a copy of the front page of your telephone bill and the detailed portion of your telephone bill (the part where the number dialled, length of call and costing is given);
  • send us a copy of any relevant advertising if possible, or give specific details of television or radio advertising, such as the date, time and station.
  • authorise us to pass on your personal detailsd consisting of your name, address and telephone number to the service provider or
  • advise us if you wish your personal details to be withheld from the service provider

PLEASE NOTE that if you are seeking a refund from the service provider, TISSC will need to pass on your personal details to the service provider for this purpose.

How we deal with your complaint
When we receive a complaint, our complaints staff investigate the service and prepare a report on the complaint for assessment by the Arbitrator.

If the Arbitrator finds there is a possible breach of the Code of Practice, she notifies the 190 service provider responsible for the service in writing, outlining the grounds for complaint under the Code of Practice, and requests an explanation as to why the problem may have occurred. The 190 service provider is given a set time to respond.

When the response is received, the Arbitrator will decide whether the 190 service is breach of the Code of Practice. If a breach is found, the Arbitrator will select a remedy (see F7: remedies, in the Code of Practice) that can include:

  • Asking the 190 service provider to fix the problem on the service;
  • Arranging for the 190 service provider to refund the complainant;
  • Asking Telstra to suspend the service if the problem is sufficiently serious.

You should expect your complaint to be finalised in approximately three weeks, and will be notified in writing by the Arbitrator on the outcome. You can check on the progress of your complaint by talking to our complaints staff on 0123-456-789 (local call cost from anywhere in Australia). Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm eastern time, Monday to Friday.