Complaints / Enquiries

Any person or organisation may make an enquiry or lodge a complaint with 190 Complaints about the message content or advertising of any 190 service. Complaints are investigated by 190 Complaints staff, and assessed by the Arbitrator against the Telephone Information Services Standards Council (TISSC) Code of Practice. The Code contains standards which apply to the message content and advertising of 190 services, which 190 service providers have agreed to comply with. The Code includes, for example, rules to make sure that:

  • callers are fully aware of the cost of 190 services before using them;
  • callers are not given false or out of date information on the services;
  • services are not unnecessarily delayed.

After contacting the service provider responsible for the service, the Arbitrator determines whether a breach of the Code of Practice has occurred. If a breach is found, the Arbitrator selects a remedy/remedies, (see Code of Practice, F7. Remedies) and will inform the service provider and complainant of the outcome in writing.

Examples of the types of complaints we handle are:

  • there was no call cost in the advertisement;
  • the service contained out of date information;
  • the call was delayed unfairly;
  • the advertisement for a competition did not state when it closed, so a call was made after
  • the closing date and the caller has been charged;
  • a logo was ordered for a mobile phone, but not received;
  • charges have been made for Internet connection, but the user did not realise that any charge applied.