Who We Are
190 Complaints is an independent regulatory body funded by the telephone information services industry. It consists of the Telephone Information Services Standards Council (TISSC), a secretariat made up of complaints handling and administrative support staff, and an independent Arbitrator.

The Telephone Information Services Standards Council (TISSC) is the governing body of 190 Complaints, and is made up of three (3) community members, three (3) industry members and an independent Chairman. Two of the industry members are 190 service providers, and one is from the telephone company sector. This preserves a balance between the interests of consumers and the industry. The Council meets approximately every five weeks. The Council is set up under the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

What We Do
The Council (TISSC) assists the 190 industry to fulfil its obligations to the public, by deciding on fair and independent standards for the advertising and message content of 190 services. These standards are set out in our Code of Practice. The Code includes, for example, rules to make sure that:

– callers are fully aware of the cost of 190 services before using them,
– callers are not given false or out of date information on the services,
– services are not unnecessarily delayed.

The Arbitrator assesses complaints about 190 services against the Code of Practice, and decides whether a breach of the Code has occurred. In cases where a breach is established, the Arbitrator decides which remedy should apply (see Code of Practice, F7. Remedies). This can require the 190 service provider to alter the service to comply with the Code, and/or provide a refund to the caller where appropriate.

The secretariat ensures compliance with the Code of Practice by conducting monitoring and investigative activities, and handling consumer complaints prior to assessment by the Arbitrator.