About 190 Services

190 services provide the convenience of receiving value-added information and entertainment via telephone, fax and the Internet. Some services allow users to place orders for a wide range of goods which are subsequently delivered, for example mobile content and even letters from Santa before Christmas.

190 service content includes technical software support, live professional and specialist information, sports results and weather information, dating contact services, and competition entries.

190 services can involve listening to recorded information, talking to a live operator, selecting options from a recorded menu, or sending a fax. Internet connection is also available on 190 numbers.

Numbers starting with 1901 are closed user group services, which means they can only be accessed by using a personal identification number issued to the bill payer. This is to prevent underage and unauthorised callers using the service without the bill payer’s permission.

Some 190 services are listed in the Information Services section at the start of telephone directories. Many are advertised in daily newspapers, magazines, television and radio, and on the Internet.

190 services are charged at either a per minute or a fixed rate, ranging from 38.5c to $5.50 per minute, and from 38.5c to $38.5 fixed rate, including GST. For this reason they are also known as premium rate services. You will be automatically charged on your telephone bill for using the service.